I am a little gummy bear

i am a little gummy bear

Long full-length video of the English version of I Am A Gummy Bear - The Gummy Bear Song. Visit. 미소가 넘 좋아하는 Gummy Bear Song! Just Dance kids2. Discover the most famous gummy bear of all time! Gummibär is a small, sweet and cute little bear who loves making children laugh with his funny dances and.


Crazy Frog - Axel F Gummibärthe highly stylized green blue-eyed character is naked except for youtube orange underwear and sneakers. Versions have been released in many languages, originally in Hungarian and English. Tonekind, Papabar, Rene Rennefeld [3]. Je m'appelle Funny Bear [6]. Videos corresponding to at least twenty five languages were posted, as well as a version featuring a "jolly and jiggly" lime green cartoon of a rubbery candy gummy bear in orange underwear basically bouncing around and breakdancing. i am a little gummy bear

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