Parry power

parry power

I know the Wiki said it is the damage you dealt to an enemy when you pull off a successful parry. I just did 3, none of them dealt any damage. According to the guide the shields stat is parry power, which is its offensive power when hitting enemies with the parry move although I am not. The number dictates Parry Power, not durability. For example, a Pot Lid parry won't do much at all whereas a Hylian Shield parry will do a ton.


Parry Power

Parry power - Roulette stehen

The above statement is false. Using a 62 shield, I dealt 21 damage. So when an enemy swings a club at you, if you Parry the attack it will knock the enemy back opening them up for an attack. Lord of the Mountain. Seems fair enough, I'm also a bit curious if there's a strength difference depending on the color of enemy, for example if a blue bokoblin hits harder than a red one. I think the higher the number, the longer the stun lock. Where is a Gold Lynel? Guardian beams do damage to it, like all other things, it just happens to have very high durability. Using a 79 rating shield, I dealt 21 damage. Sign up for free! I just did 3, none of them dealt any amway produkte preisliste Sign up for free!

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